How I Know It’s Good

As I continue editing and revising my work, I often wonder: how do I know my erotica is any good? I think it’s natural for an author to second-guess herself, especially with all the erotica (of seriously varying quality!) out there already. In the erotica business, in particular, taste is everything; what appeals to one reader might totally disgust another. So I try to write a variety of scenarios and characters, in hopes of appealing to the maximum number of readers.

That doesn’t answer my own question, though. Is the stuff good or not?!? I believe it is, and my test for it is very simple. I write my story (or book, in the case of “An Amazon’s Equal” – my erotic romance novel coming out soon!) and set it aside for a while, preferably several months. Then, I read it again with fresh eyes. I do edit and change words here and there, of course, but the real question is “Am I getting turned on while I read this?” Because that’s the point, of course! Naturally, I write scenes I’m into myself, but occasionally afterwards a piece of old writing proves not quite hot enough, so I revise or chuck it.

Basically, I know my erotica is good because it’s sexy, it gets a physical response, and the tension builds to a climax – a very exciting one, if I can write it!

So there you have it: the purpose of erotica is to turn you on. If it does that, then what I have written is good!


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