New Adult AND Erotica? Well, I tried it anyway!

So for those of you who don’t already know, I recently released my first full-length novel, An Amazon’s Equal. As is always the case with novels, I spent a long time putting it all together, writing it, editing it, rereading and reediting it, and all the while I was thinking to myself: What IS this?!

My heroine, Pyrena, is a young Amazon warrior confronting her society’s view of men and love, in the face of her growing feelings for the handsome and gentle Greek boy she captured. The theme is really that of a young person struggling against injustice and discovering her place in the world. Also, sex – of course, since that’s what I like to write about! All that said, it’s not really a traditional fantasy romance novel (definitely NOT a virginal heroine here!), but nor is it strictly erotica. I found myself in a pickle when trying to decide what to call it.

That’s when I learned about New Adult. The working definition for this type of literature is still developing (though I think the folks at NA Alley got it pretty good here!), but essentially it is literature dealing with the themes that young people confront when they are just taking their first big steps into adult life. Generally this is around ages 18 through 26, though that too can vary. In any case, as soon as I heard about NA, I knew that’s what I had written. In fact, I began work on An Amazon’s Equal when I was a very “new adult” myself! Almost ten years after I began it, way back in my freshman dorm room in college, it’s finally published, and finally in the category it belongs: New Adult Erotica.

What do you think? Did I succeed? Is erotica even a genre that belongs in NA? I don’t know, but I sure tried it!

Curious? You can buy An Amazon’s Equal on Amazon, in print of Kindle edition. I would love to know what you readers think of my attempt at a New Adult novel. At the very least, I can guarantee plenty of fun erotic bits!


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