Why only 99 cents? Because I want to!

Pricing your work is a delicate business. You want people to buy it, but you also don’t want to look like somebody who mass produces cheap crap. Since we set our own prices, indie authors have the unsavory task of deciding how much their work should sell for. As a newly minted indie author myself, I thought about this at length, and eventually I decided to go ahead and offer my stories for the minimum price Amazon and Smashwords will accept: 99 cents.

To understand why you need a little bit of history.

I started writing erotica in college (many, many years ago, folks!). At the time, the only place I knew to share them was Literotica. Literotica, by the way, is an excellent site where you can find TONS of free erotica! Of varying quality, of course, but hey, it’s free, and some of it is really quite hot. Anyway, using that venue I started gaining confidence, enjoying reviews people left for my work, and because I got so many good reviews I started writing more. It’s the fans who feed the muses for artists, really. Then, on a whim, I entered a Literotica contest and won 3rd place! That REALLY made me feel inspired to write more. And of course, all of this was for free; I wrote for free, people read it for free. (Except for the contest, in which I won $75 and felt awfully good about myself!)

But Literotica is only for amateur authors, so when I decided to publish I had to offer my work for sale, you know, for actual money. I chose not $1.99 or $2.99, though I believe my writing is at least at the caliber of authors who promote their erotica for those prices. Instead, I went for $0.99. The reason for this was threefold: first, I wanted people to feel like reading erotica is an affordable luxury – more affordable even than picking up a candy bar at the grocery store checkout line! Second, I hoped to flag down impulse buyers, people who might not usually read erotica but who might think “What the hell? I can give it a try for less than a dollar!” (Yes, impulse buyers, I want you!) And third, I want to offer my sophisticated readers some really great reading for a fair price. The reason it is fair is that I get as much enjoyment in writing erotica as you get in reading it! Why charge a bunch of money when I do it for fun?

So there you have it, folks! 99 cents is a bargain price for (if I do say so myself) some sexy, sophisticated erotica. If you haven’t read my work yet, give it a try – for 99 cents you might as well. And you never know, you may just find your new favorite fantasy… I certainly have.


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