A Little Weekend Freebie

I have had a crazy busy week, and let my free promotion of “One Night To Tango” go mostly unannounced. However, it’s Saturday afternoon and finally I have a few minutes to sit down and blog about it! Don’t worry readers – you still have two days to get this little treasure for free on Amazon. Go check it out!

So the story behind “Tango” is based on a real event. Back in my college days, there was an annual ball at the university. People dressed up in beautiful evening clothes – some folks even rented extravagant costumes – and danced those wonderful old-fashioned dances; waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, polka… and for a brave few couples, tango. While I was dancing demurely with all those elegant gentlemen, I was reminded viscerally how close dancing is to sex. It’s the give and take, the lead and follow, the moving together toward a common goal. Actually, ballroom dancing is really hot!

The only things that could have made that ball better, I thought, were: 1) Masks. Anonymity is beyond sexy (plus I love sparkles!). 2) A ridiculously handsome, talented, and seductive dancer… and let’s give him a melodious foreign accent while we’re at it. 3) Some one-night-only, up-against-the-wall fucking. Now THAT’S my idea of a good dance!

Interested? Check out “One Night To Tango” on Amazon, free until tomorrow evening. And if you read it and like it, please review!


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