A Dancer Writes; A Writer Dances

As a dancer and a writer, I am always thinking about how to improve these two passions of mine. I’ve always been a little jealous of people with one overarching passion. They can devote all their time to that one thing, and become excellent at it without feeling like other loves are left on the sidelines. But for me, a passionate person by nature (hence the erotica, of course!) this is impossible. I am a writer who dances, and a dancer who writes.

This got me thinking about the similarities between the two, and in particular the question: Is writing a craft or an art? And what about dancing?

Most people would say that dancing is art, pure and simple. But that’s not necessarily so. Good dancers put movements together into beautiful choreography that is one of the most beautiful expressive arts in the world. And yet, in order to get to that point, a dancer must spend hours drilling technique, building muscles, practicing moves over and over again until each is effortless. That’s where the craft part comes in.

Writing is the same. A finished work can be seen as art, painted with words instead of colors. But every writer knows that every short story (not to mention novel!) is the work of hours of sitting and writing, rewriting, editing, revising, rereading, re-editing, and on and on. It’s work that improves with practice, time, repetition, and effort, just the same as any craft. Woodworking, cooking, sewing, all crafts – and so is writing. And so is dance.

So after all that musing and this rather disorganized blog post, I’ve decided that I’m both. Artist and craftswoman, dancer and writer, and a hard worker at everything I do. For now, that will have to be enough.


One thought on “A Dancer Writes; A Writer Dances

  1. I’ve started reconsidering my Facebook use as well. What really is it contributing to my life or relationships? A lot of my Baby Boomer friends aren’t using it well, posting dumb things they wouldn’t talk about if we sat down over coffee. I’m hiding them and questioning now whether I even want some of them to be an « in peqo&nsnbsp;&raruo; friend; we are clearly incompatible.


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