The Simple Pleasure Of A Good-Fitting Bra

It was time. I simply had to go bra shopping again – an annual-ish experience that is inevitably less than satisfying. As an erotica writer, I have an affinity for beautiful lingerie. However, like so many artists, my budget does not necessary match my tastes. Off to the sales rack as usual!

A life-changing day for me happened last year, when at an embarrassingly old age I was finally told what my actual bra size is. So many women go through their lives wearing bras that simply do not fit – until last year I was one of them. Poor souls! It just isn’t worth it. I can honestly say, having a good-fitting bra makes all the difference. My size happens to be an unusual one, and for years I made do with “good-enough fitting” bras that just didn’t do the trick, one size up or down here or there, cups puckering in odd places and the band riding up toward my shoulder blades. Silly to think how I let it go on so long. Now, at least, I know how a perfectly fitting bra should look and feel. Here for you now: Fionna’s tips for finding the bra that could change your life, the way my first properly-fitted bra did for me.

Step 1: Go to a REAL lingerie shop and find your size. Don’t pass out at the sight of $500 lingerie; just go inside, try on some beautiful things, and let the lovely saleswoman help you find your just-right size. Believe me, it is worth it. And also, you will probably be surprised at what your size actually is.

Step 2: Now go to the sales rack at your favorite normal-priced store and pick out all the bras in your size. You are looking for ones that are cute and pretty, but also functional.

Step 3: Try them on. This is the part when you really need to know how a good-fitting bra looks. The wire should not squish or pinch your lovely breasts in any way, but rather skim across the bottom curve, laying flat against your body all the way. Most of the support should come from the band, not the straps. If those straps are holding everything up, it’s not a good fit! The band should sit low on your back, not pulled upwards at all. And – here’s something I recently learned – it should fit just right on the loosest hook, not the middle or the tightest. Those perfectly-fitting bras should feel comfortable, supportive, and not have gaps in the cup or the straps. Double-check that band, make sure it lies straight across your back – no pulling!

Step 4: Pick the cutest ones.

Step 5: Buy some matching panties. You should always have some gorgeous underwear on hand.

Step 6: Celebrate! You survived bra-shopping for yet another year. (In my case, and I hope in yours, you should model said underwear for your partner of choice… that’s how you know it’s REALLY a good fit.)


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