Ancients Away!

First, a confession: I originally intended to write all of the stories for my Ancients anthology, one by one, and, when all were finished, edited, and ready to go, publish them all together in a great thematic collection. Last year, in the midst of extreme work stress and borderline exhaustion, I realized that just wouldn’t be possible. But I have worked so hard on my finished stories, and gotten so attached to them, that I decided to change my plans. So here is the new one: each time I complete a story, I’ll publish it alone (for the standard $0.99, of course!). Later, when all are done – except one, because the people who buy the anthology deserve a little something extra (and I know just what it will be, because it’s written and waiting!) – I will compile the collection and sell all the stories together, as I had first intended. So, that’s the idea! It’s good to have plans B, C, and D, for those frequent days when plan A just isn’t going to work… in other words, a typical day for me.

So here it is, the first of the Ancients collection: The Girl with the Golden Eye. I admit, I’m attached to this one, so I hope you readers enjoy it! (One already has – many thanks, Leelou Cervant, for the lovely review!) This story was inspired by an article I stumbled across here, several years ago. Like so much ancient history, there is not a lot of information to go on. Still, the image got stuck in my head, and slowly a character formed. A shockingly tall girl with an artificial golden eye walked into my mind, and there she stayed until I finally got her story out on paper. While it’s impossible for us to know, so many thousands of years later, how she really might have lived – or who she may have loved – I’d like to think that, whoever and wherever she is now, she is happy with my vision of events.

Please enjoy The Girl with the Golden Eye!  A magical historical erotica, with sensuality and romance to please moderns as well as ancients. If you love it, please leave a review – and, you know, keep reading. Plenty of finished works for the sophisticated reader to enjoy!


Hope those words are tasty… because you’re eating them!

Yes, once again I eat my own words! (Lucky for me, I write erotica and therefore my words are full of honeyed delights.) Arrogantly I promised to have my latest story published and ready by the end of last week. Ha ha ha ha! What is it they say? We make plans and God laughs? Something like that… anyway, of course life got in the way. First life and now job. It was to be expected, I suppose, but I was giddily riding the wave of creativity while it was high. This year, though, I’m determined to do better as a writer. I have several great stories outlined, one just a copy-edit away from publishing, one almost complete, and at least three more kicking around in my mind. In short, I have work to do! Stay tuned, patient readers – it will all be available soon. In the meantime, I can at least leave you with a little teaser. Here is the original artwork that will be the base for my newest story’s cover. I hope it evokes the eroticism – and the mystery – of the ancient past. (In the meantime, check out my other published works. There’s sure to be something there for you!)


Pushing Backwards

So it’s been a while. Life won out over art, and as in so many things, when work and stress and fatigue combine, creativity withers. But it’s been a hot summer, and the time for relaxing in the sun has reinvigorated me. Finally, I’m writing again, and it feels great! I can focus on unfinished projects, editing, and cover design; all of which I haven’t been able to think about in months. Now, with a delicious cocktail and gazing out at the sunshine on the thirsty leaves in our garden, I’m digging in.

My focus these days is the past. It’s been my pet project for some time, and finally I am making measurable progress on it. The final goal: a collection of erotic short stories focusing on women in the ancient world. Historical fiction has always been a favorite genre of mine, and I love researching and writing it. When you reach so far back in time, history becomes muddled with myth and speculation, which is perfect for us novelists. My inspiration comes from art, recent archaeological discoveries, legends and religion, all of which are surrounded by more mysteries than answers. The subject matter is rich, and I find myself succumbing to the romance of creating a world so far in the past it is half reality, half fantasy. As usual, of course, there is love, lust, and everything in between; no matter how long ago they lived, people remain human. That’s the fascination of it.

The first of the short stories will be published late this month, if all goes well. This summer heat makes me think of the desert, and how a remarkable woman might have lived and loved there so many thousands of years ago… As her character came to life, I felt a growing affection for her. Like so many authors, I felt I became a part of her world. Now it’s time to share that place with others.