Ancients Away!

First, a confession: I originally intended to write all of the stories for my Ancients anthology, one by one, and, when all were finished, edited, and ready to go, publish them all together in a great thematic collection. Last year, in the midst of extreme work stress and borderline exhaustion, I realized that just wouldn’t be possible. But I have worked so hard on my finished stories, and gotten so attached to them, that I decided to change my plans. So here is the new one: each time I complete a story, I’ll publish it alone (for the standard $0.99, of course!). Later, when all are done – except one, because the people who buy the anthology deserve a little something extra (and I know just what it will be, because it’s written and waiting!) – I will compile the collection and sell all the stories together, as I had first intended. So, that’s the idea! It’s good to have plans B, C, and D, for those frequent days when plan A just isn’t going to work… in other words, a typical day for me.

So here it is, the first of the Ancients collection: The Girl with the Golden Eye. I admit, I’m attached to this one, so I hope you readers enjoy it! (One already has – many thanks, Leelou Cervant, for the lovely review!) This story was inspired by an article I stumbled across here, several years ago. Like so much ancient history, there is not a lot of information to go on. Still, the image got stuck in my head, and slowly a character formed. A shockingly tall girl with an artificial golden eye walked into my mind, and there she stayed until I finally got her story out on paper. While it’s impossible for us to know, so many thousands of years later, how she really might have lived – or who she may have loved – I’d like to think that, whoever and wherever she is now, she is happy with my vision of events.

Please enjoy The Girl with the Golden Eye!  A magical historical erotica, with sensuality and romance to please moderns as well as ancients. If you love it, please leave a review – and, you know, keep reading. Plenty of finished works for the sophisticated reader to enjoy!


One thought on “Ancients Away!

  1. Thanks again for reading The Art Model. I purchased a copy of ‘The Girl with the Golden Eye’ this weekend and I look forward to reading it. I’ll let you know when I’m done!


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