That New Book Smell

My husband and I popped into a local bookstore today – he to buy art supplies, I to spend my woefully insufficient $25 gift card from last year. The place was a paradise. If the world ever ends, I plan to hole up in a huge public library or, if those are all overrun with demon spawn, the bookshop. I could easily have spent hours browsing, but right away three books jumped out at me. I greedily gathered them up, breathing in that special smell of new paper and ink, feeling them crease as I bent the hardback covers to read the inside flap. There is an illicit pleasure in being the first to deflower a new book. Used books have soul, but new ones have that crisp allure of the untouched.

So forgive me, friends, if I’m not online much for the next several days. I’ll be reading!


2 thoughts on “That New Book Smell

  1. I love new books. I love used books, too. A used book is just a new book that has had more lovers. 🙂

    There’s something else about finding books… Something about being able to pluck them off the shelf and make them live again. Books only live in our imaginations, and the rest of the time they’re sleeping. We give them life by reading them.

    And that inspired this post:

    My lifetime goal is to make enough money that I can buy a used bookstore. Not so much to sell the books, but just to be haunted by all the ghosts between the pages.


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