Bus Commuting For Beginners

I have the great good fortune to live in a city with somewhat useful public transport. It’s sure not great – especially considering our traffic congestion situation, and where does all that tax money go again? – but hey, it’s better than they’ve got in many other cities. I only complain moderately. It doesn’t bother me to commute by bus; my husband and I have only one car, and his work is father away, so he gets it (Fair’s fair; it was me with the car last year, and his bus ride home was an hour and a half! Now that’s true love). I just catch the 6:33 am and start my day from there.

Now it’s hard to appreciate on mornings like today – a full-on thunderstorm, lightning, sideways rain, the works. I huddled there (no bus shelter at my stop, naturally), with my rain jacket hood pulled up, just soaking and waiting for that bus, hoping a fast car wouldn’t come by and splash the gutter water all over me. Wouldn’t be the first time…) thinking of how nice it would be not to stand in the pouring rain. But eagerly awaiting my bus, not only because I could finally sit down, but mostly because I could finally dive back into my latest book.

That’s the secret to a successful commute: a great read. Forget smartphone games; I did the Candy Crush thing for a while, and it just isn’t worth you money, folks! With a book in hand, bus riding becomes a pure pleasure. The trick is to get to know your driver, so he can help remind you when your stop is coming up… I’ve definitely read right through mine on occasion. Worth it, every time.

Short erotica is great for the ride home. Tends to last just the length of my bus ride, and offers inspiration for evening shenanigans. What’s great about a Kindle, I’ve discovered, is being able to stock it with short stories , each a delightful bus-ride in waiting. If you haven’t given it a try yet, you should. My bus rides are adventures every day; if you’re a commuter, yours can be too! (So much better than smartphone games…. yes, even the one where you manage a farm. Seriously. Get a book.)


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