And I’m out! (For the year)

So I will not be posting anything for the next two weeks. It’s Christmastime, and I’ll be spending it with my family in Hawaii. So instead of working on stories, I’ll be thinking about them while enjoying Mai Tais on the beach. And getting a tan. (Which is a rare thing, since my part of the Northwest won’t see the sun again until July 5th or so.)

Anyway, I’ll be back and freshly invigorated in early January. Meanwhile here are some teasers of what you can look forward to when I get back:

  • A series of sexy-informative posts related to each story of my ancient history¬†collection
  • A Goodreads book giveaway and eBook launch for the complete collection: Flowers for the Ancients
  • More hot erotica stories (I’ve got a few cooking as we speak! Well, as I write, I should say…)

Merry Christmas! Or, if you’re politically correct, happy generic winter holidays. Either way I hope you enjoy some relaxing time, good food, friends, and family.


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