A bit of sexy science for all my francophone friends!

So I don’t know how many of you feel fluent in French, but if you do here’s a delightful (and hilarious!) tidbit my husband found: The Sexual Evolution of Man(kind).

It’s a video so here’s the link: Evolution sexuelle de l’homme (from Tu mourras moins bete!)

In a nutshell, it explores the mystery of the male organ. In particular, size.

Of all our nearest cousins – the great apes – humans have the largest penis. (Longest, for sure, and I imagine that goes for width as well! We all know it’s about thick, not long…) In addition, women, unlike our female ape counterparts, show no outward signs of sexual receptivity. So, why the huge schlongs? And why the coyness about ovulation?

Basically, scientists don’t know. But it makes one hell of a funny – and educational – cartoon! (And hey guys, if you’re ever feeling sad about your pickle, just think of a gorilla. Yours must be at least a dill, and all he’s got is a little cornichon!)


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