Going Straight to the Heart of It: Fated (a comic for gamers and those who love them)

Okay, now I have to out myself as the complete and utter nerd I am: many years ago my friends and I played tabletop D&D. Yes, it was awesome. And wonderful. And hilarious. We ate a lot of Skittles; we laughed a ton. My friend was the DM (that means Dungeon Master, for you poor uninitiated ones), and she always came up with great campaigns for us. Our characters also did a surprising amount of shopping and seducing the local lads, in addition to killing monsters and such…. you know, like you do.

Anyway, life goes on, things change, I don’t D&D anymore. But it’s still a source of many fond memories, so when great blog gaming-themed posts come up, I’m all in. A friend of mine shared this comic, and since then I have read it many times. Friends, would you please drop whatever you are doing and check out: Fated, written by Jasmine Walls, illustrated by Amy Phillips.

So here’s what I love about Fated. First, it’s just so funny. We’ve all been there – you’re all ready to do an amazing move, win the battle or whatever, and then you role a 1. Epic fail. So the opposite of what you intended happens; it’s a real frustration. Also the source of unending hilarity. Basically this is what happens in Fated – you will laugh your pants off.

That’s not why I’m sharing this comic, though. It came to me earlier, when I was writing my post about diverse characters in erotica, that what I’m really looking for is effortless diversity. In the world, yes, but since that’s a tall order, at least in art. And Fated delivers that. Without making a big deal about it – without even saying it – the artists have managed to portray a group of people who clearly know and care about each other, with evidently different backgrounds and beliefs. They’re friends; they laugh, they joke, they tease – especially when unexpected gay romance takes the stage. For me, that’s effortless diversity.

That’s my goal. That’s the way I want the world to be – that’s what I’m working for.

And in the meantime I’m gonna go ahead and check out Fated again. It makes me smile every time!


6 thoughts on “Going Straight to the Heart of It: Fated (a comic for gamers and those who love them)

  1. I didn’t have a D&D group when I was in high school, but I was interested. The idea of an open world with infinite possibilities, bounded by rules that made it feel real, was very seductive to me. To make up for the lack of compadres, I would write out my adventures instead. My first writing experience. I also discovered that I was more interested in the goings on in the keep than venturing into dungeons or slaying loathsome monsters. A pint of ale and a roll in the hay, that’s my kind of adventure. 😉

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  2. […] One book we can both agree on, now, is Saga. This is fast becoming one of my favorite series ever. It is, essentially, a space opera. Think SciFi/Romance. Yet of the deepest, most engaging kind. Yes, sexy aliens are getting naked and busy on a regular basis (That’s fun! And hey, graphic novel, so you get the artsy eye candy to go with…), but there’s so much more to it. Themes of diversity; clash of cultures; discrimination and stereotyping; the meaning of family; even the uniting power of literature; are woven throughout the main story. Adventure can be found aplenty, but for me, Saga is an inspiring example of effortless diversity. (Much like the delightful online cartoon I previously mentioned, Fated.) […]


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