Glasses – never forget them in the morning, so why do I forget them in my writing?

My morning routine is usually the same: wake up, hit snooze, pretend to sleep for ten more minutes. Finally accept the morning, get out of bed, sigh & grumble, stretch. Wash my face, brush my hair, get dressed. Then put on my glasses. Because, you know, being able to see is rather valuable in my line of work. Without my glasses, the world is a fuzzy compilation of shapes and colors. Not to mention my depth perception is totally shot.

I never forget my glasses in the morning. So why do I forget them in my writing?

When imagining my characters, I always begin with their face. I envision the color and texture of their hair, the shape of their mouth, their eyes, nose, cheekbones, and neck. By then I’ve usually figured out what body type they have and their personality is solidifying. Once I understand what kind of person they are, I can dress them – and undress them – in my writing. But up until now, I realize I have yet to write a character with glasses.

This frustrates me, because I never noticed it was happening. What is my deal? How can I wear glasses myself, yet totally ignore them when designing a character? Especially when I am proud of my bespectacled beauty. Glasses are part of my wardrobe, and an essential part of how I present myself to the world. Tons of hot girls wear glasses (especially in Portland. Haven’t seen this hilarious video? Oh, well you should!). And guys with glasses are definitely a turn-on for me… just one more thing to enjoy taking off.

So, definitely I am a fan of glasses. That doesn’t explain why I keep forgetting them. Here’s my working theory: despite the Hipster big-frame fad, we are essentially an anti-glasses society. When actors wear glasses in Hollywood movies, they are rarely the main heartthrob. And remember those 90’s makeover movies, where the cool boy at school transforms an ugly girl into a bombshell? What’s the first thing they do? Oh yeah – get rid of her glasses. Despite all evidence to the contrary, glasses just aren’t considered sexy.

Well now that I am aware, I shall strive to change it! Not going to bother with my current work in progress. After all, it would be a bummer for my poor character to lose her 20/20 vision halfway through the story. 🙂 (Ha, 20/20 vision. I don’t even have that in my dreams!) But next time, yes, next time, there shall be glasses!

Just have to remember to write them in… and make sure someone slips them sexily off.


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