Work It! (a writer’s guide to the writing process)

As you know, I’m a member of the wonderful writer’s group ASPA: the Alliance of Self Published Authors. We have a brand new website and blog, and I’ll be posting there on a regular basis. Come on over and check it out! This week, I’m plugging the writing process. Lest we forget, it takes WORK to finish a story!

Self-published Indie Network

Hello my fellow indie authors! As you have no doubt learned by now, writing a book is hard. It takes hours of intense mental concentration, not to mention higher risk of carpal tunnel from all that fast typing, and eye strain from staring at words until you go cross-eyed. Yes, finishing a book is not easy – as we well know from all those skeletons (formerly known as “a great idea I’m going to write a book about!”) currently cluttering up our files. And the hardest thing about it is that, even if you DO complete your masterpiece, the work has only just begun.

However, there is a clear way to find sanity, and produce stronger stories too. It’s way back to basics here with The Writing Process. In short, the writing process is a series of steps that guide you through the process of producing a piece of…

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