Seducing the Seductor

I’m back in the saddle after winning a bout against a monster cold virus (cough cough); it’s been going around. And I’ll celebrate my renewed good health with another free story giveaway! This one is Biblically flavored: Sheba’s Lovely Maidens.

At another point in my life, where I was also sick with some nasty bug, and didn’t have anything else to do, I went ahead and cracked open the complete (Protestant) Bible I got in the fourth grade. Promptly I went to Genesis, chapter 1, verse 1, and didn’t stop until the last page of Revelations. (Yes, I read the whole thing in one go — like I said, I had a long convalescence! And no TV.)

Anyway, all the really fun and crazy stories are — no surprise — in the Old Testament. It’s full of war, betrayal, rape, seduction, lies, incest, miracles, sex, foreign invaders, sacrifice (human and otherwise), prostitution, masturbation; basically, everything interesting. If you can get through the long lists of who begat who, you can find plenty to tantalize your imagination. However, even in the midst of this excitement, one chapter continues to astound me: the Song of Songs.

What’s a love song doing in the Bible? It’s beautiful poetry, but erotic too; there is lengthy description of the beloved’s body, not to mention what our lovers intend to do with one another. I have no idea how the book made it through the Council of Nicea. But there it is — and it’s wonderful. My favorite part of the whole Bible.

As an author, I couldn’t help but take that scene, and run with it. Why not throw the Queen of Sheba’s epic visit to King Solomon into the mix, as well? The result: your free story of the week, Sheba’s Lovely Maidens. Enjoy!

Read the original blog post: Untold Stories of the Bible: the Queen of Sheba


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