Well, here we are again…

And if you haven’t noticed, my Internet presence of late has been, well, none.

There is a perfectly good reason for that! My real workaday self is very pleased and proud of it. I’m doing well, happy and healthy and all those good things. However, all this excitement and general busy-ness of life leaves very little time for Fionna Guillaume.

Those of you who are also independent authors know that this hobby-cum-lifestyle is real work. It takes time and, more importantly, creative energy. That’s what has been sucked completely out of me these past many months — for the best possible reason, but exhausting nonetheless.

Therefore, forgive me if I seem absent. I am, indeed. But this isn’t the first time I’ve had to take months (or even years) off of writing, and in fact, it can be a wonderful thing. Whenever I’ve gone through this in the past, I emerge on the other side a more thoroughly interesting person, with a wealth of new experiences to draw upon, all of which makes me a better writer than before. So don’t worry about me; I’m just in the chrysalis stage. And one of these days, hopefully a bring spring morning, I’ll burst out again and start fluttering around in my usual way.

Until then, dear readers, be well! And keep reading erotica. It’s good for body and soul!