Fionna’s Work

If you’re a sophisticated reader looking for thoughtful, character-driven erotica with unique story lines, intriguing personalities, and explosive sex, Fionna Guillaume has got what you need.

Full-Length Erotic Novels

amazonequal3Dcoer An Amazon’s Equal  :  This New Adult erotic romance features a fantastical tribe of Amazon warriors… and a tent full of captive men kept only for pleasure.

major arcana coverMajor Arcana: Sex, Love, and Tarot  :  A sweet, saucy, and sexy visit to the art scene of Seattle. Guided by a deck of Tarot cards, explore the diversity of the erotic experience, and the joys, agonies, and risks of love. **FREE to read on Inkitt!**

Contemporary Erotica

tango cover (804x1024)One Night To Tango  :  Meet Esme, a shy wallflower who releases her inner seductress with a dark and handsome masked stranger. Sensual and satisfying! **FREE read!**

football thumbnailFootball Her Way  :  Marianne doesn’t care who wins the game. This saucy housewife has a different kind of play on her mind: her husband and his three best friends… all at the same time.

cowboy cover NEWTaking The Reins  :  Perfect for the horse-loving girl and the cowboy-loving woman, it’s all the butterflies of a first date, with the rough-and-ready action of a truck fuck! **FREE read!**

bday thumbnailHer Birthday Breeding  :  When it’s time to call in a professional stud, Sarah intends to get her money’s worth… (Not for the morally upright! Purely for the erotic fun of it 🙂 )


 Not So Square :  Laura isn’t interested in boring guys. He’s an accountant, for gods’ sake! But a casual bet at the company party brings them together, resulting in a sexy romp full of surprises, humor, and an introduction to nipple clamps.


Tokyo: A Job With A View : Cassidy finds herself in desperate need of a job, and takes the offer of a short-term contract abroad. Read on for a spicy visit to Japan, and beautiful descriptions of some of Tokyo’s finest attractions. Plus sex. Lots of sex.

chocolatier-imageThe Chocolatier : A nameless tourist in Paris. A chocolate shop. A smoky-eyed Frenchman whose back room smells of cocoa and cream… this is a trip you’ll want to relive encore et encore!

senegal squareSenegal Beach  :  This highly personal story is at once a reflection on the culture of sex tourism in Senegal, the difficulty of navigating foreign cultures, and the hopefulness of young romance.


Erotic Fairy Tales

lemons thumbnailLemons In Their Slippers: an erotic romance retelling of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses”  :  For the reader in the mood for something more romantic, this is exactly right. A sexy retelling of the famous fairy tale, complete with beautiful princesses, valiant soldiers, and true love.

selkie squareThe Seal Wife  :  Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid,’ and the selkie legends of Ireland, comes this shapeshifter erotica. Both deep and discomfiting, it is as wild, seductive, and tragic as the sea.

rani squareLittle Big Man & The Rani  :  A fun retelling of the old Rumplestiltskin story, set in pre-colonial India. (And just for the record, a gold ring isn’t enough to buy this magical man’s services…)


The “Ancients” Collection: erotic romance of the ancient world

flowers cover
Buy the complete collection here! Available in eBook or paperback format. (There is also a seventh story, previously unpublished, only for those who choose Flowers for the Ancients…)

The following works are part of a complete collection, Flowers for the Ancients, featuring erotic stories of women in the ancient world. Inspired by historical mysteries, archaeological discoveries, legends, and even Bible chapters, these are sure to appeal to all lovers of ancient history and romance.

Golden Square The Girl with the Golden Eye : She could see into the future – but only for men who bring her to orgasm. They  all sought her sex and her sight… but only one ever came close to her heart.

Sheba thumbnail Sheba’s Lovely Maidens : When the Queen of Sheba came to King Solomon’s fabled court, she brought with her an astounding caravan of riches. She also brought determination to seduce the king and all his court.

Nefertiti thumbnail Queen of Beauty : An aging Queen Nefertiti must confront her fading beauty, a dying husband and crumbling kingdom. In the midst of despair, she finds hope and love in the autumn of her life.

Lotus thumbnail
How the Lotus Blossoms : Noticing his fascination with her deformed feet, Yao Niang is determined to use all her wiles to capture the heart of the emperor. Yao Niang’s feet become her source of triumph, while sealing the fate of Chinese women for a thousand years.

Buktu thumbnail Buktu’s Well : In desperate need for water, Buktu hatches a wild plan. She offers full sexual access to any men who agree to come and dig a well. Meanwhile, she hopes to seduce the lovely Rama.

7 brothers THUMBNAILA Bride for Seven Brothers : Lhamu is a typical Tibetan peasant girl who finds herself in the predicament of being the bride of seven lusty brothers. She must become the mistress of the house, through complete sexual domination.

bedtime reading
A little bedtime reading… For those who love the sensuality of paper between their fingertips, consider a paperback edition.

All Fionna’s works can be purchased in Kindle format at

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