An Exciting New Release! (Tumble in the Scottish Highlands, anyone?)

After tumbling across – and subsequently devouring – author Emmanuelle de Maupassant’s ridiculously erotic Victorian novel, Gentlemen’s Club, I’ve been avidly keeping up with her latest work. This lady writes the kind of erotica I love: tense, raw, and full of beautiful language, so you can taste each sentence and feel it resonate in your core. Yes, the writing is that good. Her stories make sex entrancing as well as arousing, transforming the pleasure of reading into the joy of participating.

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of her latest, Highland Pursuits. Needless to say, I highly suggest you get yourself a copy! Read on for more details. You don’t want to miss this one!


Emmanuelle de Maupassant is thrilled to announce the launch of her saucy 1920s romance romp: ‘Highland Pursuits’.


In celebration, Emmanuelle is not only offering three signed paperback copies, via Goodreads here, but has her entire catalogue on sale for 99c/99p from March 1st-8th: Baby Love, Scarlet, Cautionary Tales and Gentlemen’s Club (as recommended by Stylist Magazine)


What readers are saying:

“I can’t tell you how much I love this book. It was a true delight to read. The author has captured 1920s Britain wonderfully, and her detail is exquisite.” – Rachel De Vine

“As a comedy of manners, this is exceptionally well done.” – Fionna Guillaume 

“Highland Pursuits is a wry, clever, incredibly sexy romp… a completely engrossing, utterly enjoyable read. I can’t recommend it highly enough…fabulously fun.” – Malin James

“The scene was set beautifully… I felt like I went back in time to high society Scotland.” – Christine of Sweet and Spicy Reads

‘Highland Pursuits’ draws inspiration from a short story of the same title Emmanuelle wrote originally for the charity fundraising anthology Because Beards: all proceeds have been given to the Movember Foundation.

This longer, novella, length offers more scope to explore the wonderful characters’ eye-popping shenanigans. Hamish and Ophelia were in Emmanuelle’s dreams for many weeks, as she wrote this story. high-cover

Find ‘Highland Pursuits’ on Goodreads  and for sale on Amazon

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The War of the Stars

So I’m making a concerted effort to be a good reader/reviewer. I think my reviews are succinct and helpful (at least, that’s what I’m going for!), but my struggle always comes when choosing how many stars to give. I mean, they don’t allow for decimals, so that means either rounding up or down… Being an optimist, I generally round up, or give a solid number if that’s what I really thought. As far as I’m concerned, anything 3 stars and up is a good review.

Now in case those stars have got you confused, here is a handy little guide for how I base my ratings. Feel free to copy (or modify) as you like! And, since sex is always on my mind, I took the liberty of adding analogies to each of the star ratings. In literature, as in love, don’t settle for less than 3-to-5!

***** 5 stars – This is a book I will heartily recommend to my readerly friends. I want to hold it in my arms and cuddle it. These are the characters that live with me long after I devour the last page. This is the setting that swept me up and transported me. This is the writing that made me weep with its beauty; and the story made me feel I was a part of it. Five-star books keep me up at night – in a good way. Most importantly, a 5-star book lingers with me. I think about it frequently after it’s done; it lives on in happy memory. If I give five stars than I can honestly say I loved it. (And fortunately, I am liberal with my love!)

  • You should consider a serious relationship with this book. It belongs on your bookshelf, where you can stroke it as you pass by. Take it to bed with you on a regular basis, to enjoy again and again and again!

**** 4 stars – Wow! I totally enjoyed reading this! A four-star book is the kind I will remember and mention to friends. It has all the elements I look for in terms of plot, character, writing style, story flow, and all that good stuff. There are surprises; there’s tension; I read on eagerly waiting to find out what happens next. The only thing preventing it from getting five stars (besides my mood, which can be fickle on occasion) is that, despite my enjoyment of it, it is not necessarily a book I feel I’ll read again. In other words, it doesn’t quite earn a permanent place on my already-crowded bookshelf.

  • This is the hot one-night-stand of books! Had a great time, good luck and all, thanks for the memories… Have a nice life…

*** 3 stars – A solid prime number! If this was a student, they would be easily passing. Just not, you know, top of the class. For me, a three-star review means several things have been achieved: 1) a good story, engaging and enjoyable all the way through; 2) interesting characters; 3) a writing style that is correct, fluent, and clean; 4) something that, at the end, I think to myself “that was a nice read.” What sets it apart from higher scores may range from me just not digging the author’s style; to ho-hum characters; to I’m not the right audience for it; to just an overall lack of excitement for me as a reader. The book was fine for me, but may be great to someone else.

  • Hey, we probably fooled around, enjoyed one another, and said goodnight with no hard feelings. A successful date with someone with whom you had only moderate chemistry.

** 2 stars – Usually this means I gave the book an honest chance but, for whatever reason, just couldn’t bring myself to finish it. I understand what the author was going for; it had some redeeming qualities; but all in all, not good enough to keep me reading all the way through. And if you can’t keep a reader’s interest, usually it’s because the story is, essentially, boring.

  • You just gotta do better than that, writers. (And lovers.)

* 1 star – I don’t give one-star reviews, because I didn’t finish the damn book. We all wish it wouldn’t happen, but sometimes you come across a real stinker. The writing is bad; there’s no editing; you hate the characters from page two. Basically, the thing sucks. DON’T READ IT! Don’t bother reviewing it. Just put that shit away and get something better.

  • Life is too short for bad books. (Or bad sex!)

Blog Hop!

I’ve been invited by the delightful Jolie Mason to participate in her ASPA blog hop! What fun! My contribution is a mini-snippet from my current work in progress, A Job With A View: Tokyo. More to come on that as it approaches completion, but basically Cassidy has signed on to be a personal assistant to the wealthy (and unknown) Mr. Watanabe in Tokyo, Japan. She’s not quite sure what this job entails yet, but it certainly involves more than the usual paper pushing. All she has to decide is how badly she wants it…

Read on for a collection of some of my favorite reviews left by readers. How I love getting reviews! If you’re inspired by any of them, go ahead and click on the titles to read more & see where they come from.

Enjoy the hop!

A Job With A View: Tokyo

Without another word he strolled to the window and stood, hands clasped behind his back, gazing out at the Tokyo panorama. Cassidy was confused. Was he really done with her? He just touched her like that, turning her on so much she felt the eager wetness dripping down her thighs, and then he told her to go? All she could hope was that he was saving something better for the rest of the week. Otherwise she and her hand were about to become very well reacquainted.

She dressed, bowed even though he wasn’t looking, and left. Aki smiled when she left the office. Clearly, Cassidy had done well. Her white-gloved chauffeur took her back to the hotel, where dinner was waiting. Cassidy didn’t go anywhere that evening, just sat, read a romance novel, and nibbled on vending-machine pocky.

Although she went to bed early, she couldn’t fall asleep for hours. As she tossed and turned, making knots in the sheets, Cassidy realized something surprising: she was totally enthralled with Watanabe-sama. Whatever else he asked of her this week, she would do it without question.

Reviews to check out:

… This isn’t run of the mill anything, but it’s especially not run of the mill for erotic romance… (for An Amazon’s Equal)

… I have to say: I find Guillaume’s writing style somewhat reminiscent of those classic author’s I so love—Hawthorne, Dickens, Heyer… Theirs were works dedicated to much telling rather than showing, but they did it so well. Long, flowing paragraphs of intricate portrayals to draw you into the worlds in which they wrote about… (for Lemons in Their Slippers)

… I rarely find writing that fulfills my need for beauty and sex. … I didn’t know that erotica could be this good… If you’re looking for erotica that is humane, literate, and intensely arousing, you could hardly do better than ‘Queen of Beauty’… (for Queen of Beauty)

The intimacy of making a baby combined with the taboo of a threesum makes way for a hot erotic short! Sarah’s anticipation of the events, with Jay’s basic mating instincts, and David’s romantic desire to please create a great balance of energy and storytelling.  (for Her Birthday Breeding)